Harald Smykla

Performance/Movie Protocol

Cornerhouse Digital Reporter Rob Birchall captured Smykla’s new performance staged during the exhibition preview. The artist recorded every camera shot as an evolving Hieroglyphic-esque scroll drawing on an over head projector, reinterpreting Nick Roeg's, Insignificance - the first film ever to be screened at Cornerhouse.









Unspooling Trailer


















Intro from the Curators.

Listen to curators Andrew Bracey and Dave Griffiths explore ideas behind the show, from the cinema projection room at Cornerhouse.















Stefan Zeyen

Farewell - 2009, Courtesy of the artist
















Gebhard Sengmüller

Slide Movie - 2006, Courtesy of the artist





















In Conversation: Artists in Residence

Both Alex Pearl and Juhana Moisander carried out artists residencies at the start of August as part of the show. From letting off fireworks to pretending to hang themselves, they tell us what they did and how they found it.