Super Grotesquerie, 2009

Composted Memorial, 2009

Face of an Other, 2008


Using DIY darkroom techniques, archive images and projector interventions within the framework of 'expanded cinema', Sally Golding presents filmmaking with installation and performance with visual hallucinatory effect.


Sally Golding was born in 1979, and lives and works in Brisbane. She is an artist and curator whose work moves between materialist abstractions and dreamlike narrative forms. Using 16mm technologies and photographic darkroom processes, Sally deconstructs cinematic materials and apparatus, creating unique works realised as performed projection.


Recently, she has developed performance works where she projects films directly onto her body, creating live cine-sculptures and interactions. She works solo and with Joel Stern as Abject Leader, a film-sound duo who interrogate cinematic conventions through performance. As a member of the OtherFilm collective, she has been involved in curating innovative moving-image and performance events and exhibitions throughout Australia and internationally.


In 2010 she is an artist in residence at lab in London. Sally Golding is responsible for the audiovisual conservation program at State Library of Queensland, and teaches photography, film
and sculpture.