Hell is a City, 2010

Drawing and spoken word performance
New Commission


Lloyd's eclectic practice involves drawing, comic books and performance. In this new spoken-word and drawing piece, Wayne Lloyd re-tells Val Guest's cult 1960 film noir, Hell is a City, replacing the Manchester-set film with his own stage presence, diagrams, and remembered, imaginary re-description.



Apocalypse Now, The Demon Seed, Battle Royale, The Wicker Man, Blow Up, Solaris, Nikita, The Idiots, and Empire, 2004.

Series of drawings taken from the book Wayne Winner's Arthouse Cinema,10 performance drawings, framed

Lloyd wittily condenses a seasons-worth of arthouse classics into irreverent, partially remembered two-page comic strips.



Wayne Lloyd was born 1964 in Kent and studied at Brighton College of Art and Goldsmiths College until 1987. Lloyd's eclectic practice involves drawing, comic books and performance and he has been engaged in a variety of activities including running Gallerie Winner, an independent art gallery.


He proposes that the suspension of criticality by recounting or celebrating narratives is not an irrelevant indulgence, but instead allows people to practice an alternative experience of culture. Recent projects include Last Tango in Paris at Wild Gift, London (2006), The Brown Mountain Festival, London (2008), Art & The New Town, Harlow (2008), and Rollerball, for Bob Smith's Apathetic Afternoon at Beaconsfield, London (2009).


He has published two books, Nu Town (2008) and Wayne Winner's Arthouse Cinema (Immprint Books, 2004). Lloyd has contributed to numerous group shows including The John Moores 22 (2002), Mostyn Open (2002), McDuff Interiors at Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London (2004), The Death of Romance, London (2004), Real Writers Residency at g39 Cardiff (2007) and In The Beginning at Plan 9, Bristol (2008).