Cipher Screen, 2009

16mm film
UK Premiere


The UK premiere of Greg Pope's Cipher Screen combines factors both random and controlled.


It harnesses the mechanisms of film and cinema: the projector, celluloid material, the darkened room and synchronized sound;

creating a live score and a visual and sonic interaction through aberrations on the film loops. Featuring a live soundtrack from leading sound artist Lee Patterson.


Greg Pope was born 1960, and lives and works in Norway. He practices active teaching, projecting, programming and making film. After dabbling in punk rock bands and absurdist performance, Greg Pope founded Brighton-based Super 8 film collective Situation Cinema in 1986 and then Loophole Cinema in London in 1989.


Using 16mm para-cinema techniques, Loophole Cinema were self-styled shadow engineers performing numerous events around Europe. They also produced 'The International Symposium of Shadows' in London in 1996.


Working collaboratively and individually since 1996, Pope has made video installations,live art pieces and single screen film works. Recent works include live cinema piece Light Trap and 35mm productions Shadow Trap and Shot Film.