I Married a Foley Footstep! 2010

16mm and live Foley, 20 min
World Premiere


In the seldom seen Mano Destra (Cleo Übelmann, 1986), images are cut to sounds of high-heels endlessly clattering down a never-ending echoed corridor, intimating a seemingly perverse narrative about to unfold but never quite revealed.


I Married a Foley Footstep! is a film-performance of travelling feet

(going where?) with live electro-acoustic Foley effects, wittily exploring the function of cinema's unseen, but essential, sonic illusionists.

Co-commissioned by Cornerhouse, AND & Theatre Clywd.



Ben Gwilliam was born in 1980, and lives and works in Manchester. He is a sound artist and improvising musician, whose works cross the fields of experimental music, sound art, film and performance. His practice draws attention to those sounds between things, be it objects, spaces or recordings. It is these sounds and their contexts that reveal visual and musical processes of listening and looking. Since early 2000, he has been working with open reel tape, magnetics and amplified processes in solo and collaborative arrangements. His work is a curiosity about sound-making, appropriating, recording and listening. He has undertaken residencies, performances and exhibitions in Europe and the USA.




Matt Wand was born in 1961, and lives and works in Manchester. He produces solo and collaborative installations, sound art, performances and sound objects/sculptures that have been exhibited in Geneva, New York, Poitiers, London, Manchester, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Liverpool, Enns and Mexico City. In 1989, Matt formed the electronic appropriation group Stock, Hausen & Walkman, considered one of the pioneers of 'plunderphonics' along with Yoshide, Negativland and John Appleton. He has collaborated with and remixed many artists including Otomo Yoshide's Ground Zero, Jarvis Cocker's PULP, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, composers Peter Thomas and Steve Reich, the Young Gods and V/VM.


Recently, Matt has concentrated on sound design and music composition for TV, film, public art, and theatre. Projects include a 13-part BBC1 sci-fi series; sound recording inside a tower block as it is demolished with high explosives; reconstructing John Cage's 1967 Variations VII for AV Festival, Gateshead; and sound design for publicly sited mechanical sculptures, for a professional sound library in Los Angeles, and for The Pianist, premiered at Manchester International Festival and directed by Neil Bartlett OBE.