Cartune Xprez takes the audience back to the future of vaudeville in a live performance combining video theatre, psychedelic insurrection, and animation roadshow. Centred around a collection of new experimental cartoons, Catune Xprez combines live music, digital slideshows, and classic short film stylings into a palpably electrified stage show.



Founded by Peter Burr, Christopher Doulgeris and Cassandra C Jones, Cartune Xprez is an experimental animation project from Portland, Oregon (USA) that takes the form of screenings, exhibitions, publications, performance events and whatever combinations they can weave together around a youthful cartoon and shared spirit.


Cartune Xprez events provide a rarefied opportunity to see videos by emerging artists, as well as internationally known artists whose collective resume includes collaborations with Frank Zappa and major exhibitions at the Whitney Biennial, MoMA in New York, Sundance Film Festival, and many other institutions across the world.